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Knight still at the heart of Hoosier fans
Indiana Daily Student - 01/10/07

When New Mexico guard J.R. Giddens' 3-point attempt at the buzzer clanged against metal and fell to the hardwood on Jan. 1, Texas Tech coach Bob Knight finally overtook former North Carolina coach Dean Smith for the most wins in NCAA Division 1 men's basketball history.

LETTER: Snubbing Knight
Huntington Herald Press - 01/03/07

Wow, 662 wins, three national titles, and players who really graduate while coaching at IU. But where was the representation from Indiana University?

Knight still not in IU's Hall of Fame - 01/02/07

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Bob Knight won 662 games and three national championships at Indiana. Apparently, those are not yet Hall of Fame credentials. The longtime face of Hoosiers basketball has already been bypassed twice for induction into the schoolís hall of fame, and his supporters think itís a befuddling omission.

LETTER: The better man
Huntington Herald Press - 01/09/07

In reading the article headlined, "Knight still not in IU Hall of Fame," in the Jan. 2 Herald-Press, I sense that Michael Marot, AP sportswriter, is not happy that Bobby Knight has not yet been inducted into the IU Hall of Fame. With the Jan. 3 Herald-Press and Duane Glass's letter to the editor, headlined "Snubbing Knight," I'd like to give an additional out-of-stater view on the Bobby Knight and Indiana saga.

There's a heart beneath Knight's hard exterior
Sporting News - 01/08/07

With Bob Knight, everything's a story. There are so many stories told for so long that we know them by their shorthand labels. There's Puerto Rico. There's the fan in the trash can. The chair, the choke, the chin. Three national championships, 41 seasons, the Hall of Fame. There's the whip, there's "Hey, Knight." Of all the stories, 880 is only the latest and maybe the greatest.

A few good words about Bob Knight - 01/06/07

Part of me cringed when Bob Knight passed Dean Smith as the Division I men's basketball coach with the most career victories. This was the class bully taking over for the valedictorian. Another part of me, however, was a little more charitable. Rather it should be Knight than Jerry Tarkanian or some other coach that violated more rules than any bully.

Now that No. 880's in the books, Knight and Tech return to normal
Dallas Morning News - 01/06/07

All is quiet again on the Texas Tech campus. With Bob Knight's coaching victory No. 880 in the bag, most TV crews have gone home and it's back to the business of getting this team ready for conference play.

No denying
Farmington, NM Daily News - 01/03/07

Bob Knight is akin to the New York Yankees. He's the state of Texas, the Ty Cobb of yesteryear. You either love the 66-year-old, frosty haired "General," or you despise him. Rarely is there a middle ground when discussing Knight's "my way or the high way" approach to coaching. Love him or loathe him, it's hard to argue with the results.

Bob Knight built a legacy with his first team at Army
Sports Illustrated - 01/01/07

Eight of them came to Lubbock in November to witness the start of the season in which their coach, Robert Montgomery Knight, would break the all-time record for Division I wins. These particular visitors were in their early 60s, just a few years younger than Knight. They played golf with him, ate barbeque, and told old basketball tales; some even sat in on Texas Tech's meetings and film sessions. Most stayed to see Knight record victories 870, 871 and 872.

Reaction to Bob Knight's 880th win
NW Indiana Times - 01/01/07

You are the best there's ever been. I'm so glad you've been my mentor, you've been my coach and you've been my friend. On behalf of all the players and coaches who've been fortunate enough to be a part of your system, we want to congratulate you on this. It's really not surprising to the guys who played for you or coached with you." -- Mike Krzyzewski, Duke head coach who was a captain under Knight at Army and an assistant for him at Indiana.

VIDEO: Bob Knight says "I did it my way"
NBC Sports - 01/10/07

A Frank Sinatra fan, Bob Knight thinks 'I did it my way' is the song that best describes his career.

Indiana fans still migrating toward Knight's successes
Greensboro, NC News-Record - 01/04/07

The days when Bob Knight roamed the sideline at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind., seem far away, but some Indiana fans still cling to the memory.

Bob Knight Gets Wins Record
CBS News - 01/01/07

Bob Knight has been the game's orneriest coach forever. Now he's the winningest, too. Knight earned career victory No. 880 the hard way when his Texas Tech Red Raiders blew a 20-point lead but withstood a 3-point miss at the buzzer to beat New Mexico 70-68 on Monday in a game lacking the fanfare of his first attempt.

IU president congratulates Bob Knight
Indiana University - 01/01/07

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University President Adam W. Herbert issued the following statement today in recognition of former IU men's basketball coach Bob Knight achieving the most wins in NCAA Division I history.

Who will pass Knight?
Sports Illustrated - 01/01/07

But give the man his due. He has officially etched his name in the college basketball history books as arguably the most brilliant coach ever. Nobody can ever question his ability to teach the game.