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The Ultimate Bob Knight Quiz

Think you're an expert on the legendary Texas Tech basketball coach? Test your Knight knowledge on our quiz. Here's a few lay-ups to get you started.

1. What is Bob Knight's middle name?

2. How many years has Knight been a head coach?

3. Whom did Knight replace as Texas Tech's head coach?

4. What college did Bob Knight attend?

5. How many college basketball programs has Knight overseen as head coach?

6. What team did Knight beat for his 800th coaching victory?

7. Which team handed Bob Knight his first loss at Texas Tech?

8. Where was Knight born?

9. What year was Knight inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame?

10. What meeting did Knight think he was attending in the movie, "Anger Management?"

11. What year did Knight win his first national championship as a coach?

12. What year did Knight lead the U.S. to an Olympic gold medal?

13. What was Indiana's record the year it won Knight's first national title?

14. Which Big 12 school does Knight have the best record against?

15. Who sank the game-winning shot for Indiana in the 1987 NCAA title game?

O.K., the easy ones are out of the way. There are no gimmes from here on:

16. How many games has Knight won as Texas Tech's head coach?

17. What team did Indiana defeat for Knight's second national title in 1981?

18. What was the score of the first game ever played at United Spirit Arena?

19. What years did Knight's teams win the Preseason NIT Tournament?

20. Two of Knight's players served as U.S. Olympic team captain. Name them.

21. What year did Knight's college team win the national championship?

22. What year did Knight win an NIT championship?

23. Knight is one of only two men to play and coach on a national championship team. Name the other.

24. Which team has Knight beaten the most?

25. Where was Knight's first coaching job?

26. What fellow Big Ten member did Indiana defeat for the national crown?

27. What college offered Knight its head coaching job in 1988?

28. Who was the captain on Knight's first team?

29. Whom did Knight succeed at Indiana?

30. Who was Knight's head coach in college?

31. How many times did Knight's Army teams play in the NIT?

32. How many times did Knight lead Indiana to the Final Four?

33. How many victories did Knight compile at Indiana?

34. What was Knight's major in college?

35. Which team has handed Knight the most defeats?

36. What was Knight's first day on the job as Indiana's head coach?

37. Whom did Knight succeed at Army?

38. How many times has Knight led his team to a postseason tournament?

39. Who replaced Knight as head coach at Army?

40. How old was Knight when he was named head coach at Army?

41. How many times has Knight been named national coach of the year?

42. What was the mascot at Knight's high school in Ohio?

43. What were the names of Knight's parents?

44. How many Big Ten championships did Knight's teams win?

45. Which is the only team that Knight hasn't beaten that he's faced more than once?

46. What is Knight's record in postseason play?

47. How many Knight players have been taken in the first round of the NBA draft?

48. How many Knight players have been named first-team all-America?

49. How many times did Navy beat Army when Knight was the coach?

50. How many Knight players were named MVP of the Big Ten?


35-50: Superior, consider yourself Knight-ed; you royally passed this test.

20-34: Solid, but consider spending more time brushing up on Knight and college basketball history

Below 19: Fair, but don't give up your day job to go into coaching.


1. Montgomery

2. He's in his 41st season

3. James Dickey

4. Ohio State

5. 3, TT, Indiana, Army

6. Nebraska

7. Sam Houston State

8. Massillon, Ohio

9. 1991

10. Sexaholics Anonymous

11. 1976

12. 1984

13. 32-0

14. Kansas State, 11-1

15. Keith Smart

16. 116

17. North Carolina

18. Knight-led Indiana 68, Texas Tech 60

19. 1992-93, 1996-97

20. Mike Silliman, Quinn Buckner

21. 1960

22. 1979

23. Dean Smith

24. Northwestern, 50

25. assistant coach, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

26. Michigan

27. New Mexico

28. Dick Murray

29. Lou Watson

30. Fred Taylor

31. 4 times in five seasons

32. 5

33. 661

34. history and government

35. Purdue, 28

36. April 1, 1971

37. Tates Locke

38. 36

39. Dan Daugherty

40. 24

41. 4, 1975, '76, '87, '89

42. Red Riders

43. Carroll and Hazel

44. 11

45. West Virginia, 0-2

46. 71-34

47. 15

48. 13

49. none, the Cadets were 6-0

50. 9