Pat Knight already preparing to take over Tech program

Pat Knight hasn't said publicly when he thinks his father will retire.

The son of the career wins leader begins planning for it every time he turns off his alarm.

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Pat Knight, left, has begun preparation for when his father retires and he becomes the next head coach at Texas Tech.

"I treat every day like this is the day," said Pat Knight, the head coach designate at Texas Tech. "I don't want whenever it happens to not be prepared. So, every time I wake up, I think, 'Today is the day he is going to retire.' Every day I work on things and make sure that it's set up and in place, not just from a recruiting standpoint, but stuff in the office, stuff in the locker room, I pay attention to every little detail to my liking so when it happens, we don't miss a beat."

Bob Knight is coaching in his 41st season and he's agreed to a contract extension that will run through the 2011-12 season.

Coaches, though, don't always stay through the length of their contract. Sometimes they're fired. Sometimes they retire. Sometimes they move onto another job.

Tech probably will be Bob Knight's last coaching stop, but even he hasn't said when he plans to retire. He will be at Tech at least through next season as the Red Raiders are scheduled to compete in the Great Alaska Shootout at the head coach's request.

Still, Pat Knight has been talking about succeeding his father since his job title changed from associate head coach to head coach designate.

"We talk about it all the time," Pat Knight said. "You've got recruiting, scheduling, even the set up in the locker room, the film room, the office, the little things. We talk about it all.