Big 12 Salute

League coaches weigh in on Knight's impact

Bill Self, University of Kansas

"It goes without saying that he's one of the greatest minds, one of the greatest coaches that we've had. He's also one of the highest principle guys that there is. In addition to being those things, he's one of the most entertaining people that there is."



Bob Huggins, Kansas State University

"I've got tremendous respect for what he's accomplished in his career and great respect for the way he's cared about his players."

Ricardo Patton, University of Colorado

"To have won as many games as he has with the appearance there being more wins to come, I think it's pretty special. He sums it up best that he's been fortunate to have some great players at Indiana and he's starting to duplicate that now at Texas Tech. It's certainly quite an honor to achieve that."


Greg McDermott, Iowa State University

"He has had an important impact in the conference, there is no doubt about that. There has been an increase in national television exposure, as well as regional exposure. Attendance has increased, particularly with road games. He also has the intangibles, though, a wealth of knowledge and experience to deal with issues on a national level."

Mike Anderson, University of Missouri

"Congratulations Coach Bob Knight as you claim the NCAA's career wins record. What a truly outstanding career achievement. However I'm sure the number of lives (players) you have been able to touch through your association with the game of basketball means so much more."


Doc Sadler, University of Nebraska

"Obviously, his record speaks for itself. Everyone knows about the basketball side, but he has been a coach who has been equally, if not more successful off the court. His players have an outstanding graduation rate and they become productive and successful citizens. As a young coach, that's the part that I respect and admire as much, if not more, than his on-court successes and won-loss record."


Jeff Capel, University of Oklahoma

"I want to congratulate Coach Knight on becoming the winningest Division I coach in NCAA history. He is an example of sustained excellence. His passion for teaching and helping young people grow through the game of basketball is something that should be celebrated through this amazing accomplishment.

Coach Knight is a brilliant man, has a great basketball mind, and is one of the best coaches in the history of sports."


Sean Sutton, Oklahoma State University

"He is truly one of the great coaches and teachers of any sport. He is somebody that I have admired and respected since I was 10-years old. If I could not have played for my dad, there is nobody that I would have rather played for than Coach Knight."



Rick Barnes, University of Texas

"There's no question that for my generation of coaches, no one has had more of an impact on the coaching business than Coach Knight. From a pure basketball perspective, he's the best basketball coach of all time. He has been able to get more with less than any coach out there. What I admire most about Coach Knight is he always has been willing to share his ideas and philosophies with other coaches, and he has always tried to protect the game and make it better."

Billy Gillespie, Texas A & M University

"He's meant so much to so many. Every book or tape by Coach, I've read it or watched it. No one could have more admiration for a person as the way he goes about what I know about his life, especially the way he goes about coaching his team."


Scott Drew, Baylor University

"Coach Knight's record speaks for itself, but what most people overlook is the fact that so many of our basketball fundamentals and philosophies have come from Coach Knight's teachings and innovations. Not only American coaches but so many international coaches have learned and adopted Coach Knight's teachings."