Many people equate Coach Bob Knight with college basketball, and this is true. However, Coach Knight also supports other collegiate sports and he does this with not only encouragement but with funding.

Coach Knight is the driving force behind the scholarship funds which endows athletic scholarships for the Texas Tech men's basketball program but also supports other Tech sports including track, tennis and baseball.

Bobby Gleason, deputy athletic director for Texas Tech, said Coach Knight's donations are significant and appreciates all of his support. Gleason oversees the financial matters in athletics such as team travel and recruiting. He said Coach Knight is involved in fundraising through his foundation.

"People love Coach Knight and want to help him in anyway that they can," Gleason said. "I believe that is why his fundraising through the foundation is so successful."

According to Gleason, the Knight Foundation was created in 2003 to fund both the major revenue sports such as basketball and football as well as the non-revenue sports including track, baseball and tennis.

"This victory of wins is a milestone for Coach Knight," Gleason said. "I feel honored for him to be at Tech to celebrate it."

To make a contribution to the Coach Knight Scholarship Fund, send your check to:

Coach Knight Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 42230
Lubbock, TX 79409-2033